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Cap Woes to Continue in 2013? – ESPN

Cap Woes to Continue in 2013?.

We’ve talked a lot this offseason about how the salary cap has prevented the Falcons, Panthers and Saints from doing everything they would like in free agency.

Well, guess what? The 2013 free-agency period is pretty much guaranteed to be even quieter than this year. Even the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who made a huge splash in free agency, are likely to join the club.

I got a look at what all NFL teams currently have committed toward the 2013 salary cap and the picture isn’t very pretty. The Saints have been back-loading contracts, the Bucs have been front-loading them and the Falcons and Panthers have done some restructuring that takes up more 2013 cap room.

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Salary Cap

Carolina Panthers in serious cost-cutting mode |

Carolina Panthers in serious cost-cutting mode | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper.

Remember when everyone thought the Carolina Panthers were cheap?

Two years after a salary purge left many fans wondering whether they were committed to winning, the Panthers are in a different kind of cost-cutting mode following last summer’s post-lockout spending spree on the team’s own players.

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Salary Cap

Keeping an eye on the salary cap – NFL Nation Blog – ESPN

Keeping an eye on the salary cap – NFL Nation Blog – ESPN.

The start of free agency is just about a month away and that’s when teams will have to be under the $120 million salary cap.With that in mind, let’s take one of our periodic looks at where each NFC South team stands in terms of what it has committed to the 2012 salary cap since there’s been a little change in some of the numbers recently. We’ll use figures for the top 51 cap numbers for each team because that’s what will be used from the start of the league year until just before the regular season starts and all cap numbers start to count.

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