Cam Newton vs Tim Tebow Part II on Aug 26 – Charlotte

Scott Says …: Cam Newton vs Tim Tebow Part II on Aug 26.

The NFL preseason schedule was just announced for every NFL team and included was a whopper of a game for the Carolina Panthers, who play on the road against the New York Jets on Sunday, Aug.26th at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Yes, national TV, and Cam Newton vs. Tim Tebow. The two were briefly teammates at Florida, remember, where Newton was a mostly unknown backup and Tebow was the Heisman Trophy winner. Newton would later transfer to Auburn and win his own Heisman, and now Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets to back up Mark Sanchez.

The cool thing about this game is it’s the third one on the schedule, which is traditionally the exhibition game in which NFL teams play their starters the most. So we’ll see a lot of Cam and a fair amount of Tebow in that one, although Sanchez is still clearly the Jets’ starter (for now). And we get the entertaining Jets coach Rex Ryan as a side dish.

Of the Panthers’ four preseason games — and the regular season schedule has not been announced yet — only the Jets one has a specific day and time. The rest will officially be announced later. The full Panther preseason schedule is:

HOUSTON AT CAROLINA — Somewhere from Aug.9-13… The Texans defense will give the Panthers’ offense a good early test

MIAMI AT CAROLINA — Somewhere from Aug.16-20….

CAROLINA AT N.Y. JETS — Sunday, Aug.26th, 8 p.m., NBC national telecast

CAROLINA AT PITTSBURGH — Either Aug.29 or Aug.30th (likely the 30th to give the Panthers a little more turnaround time)

We do know the Panthers will open the regular season on the road on Sept.9th or Sept.10th because of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte a few days before opening weekend.


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