Michael Floyd Visited With the Panthers – Cat Scratch Reader

Michael Floyd Visited With the Panthers – Cat Scratch Reader.

According to sources the Carolina Panthers have visited yet another WR with Michael Floyd of Notre Dame being the latest pass catcher the organization have scrutinized.

Floyd joins Justin Blackmon and Kendall Wright as the 3rd WR the Panthers have had visit, as they have now spent three of their 30 allotted visits on the receiver position. While that may seem like a drop in the bucket those thirty visits are spread across all prospects so investing a high portion of them in receivers who could be available at #9 is telling.

My personal opinion is that the Panthers are spending a lot of time seeing if one of these is worth a top ten selection. The organization have never been ones to spend high draft picks on receivers, so taking one would be a sea-change. They would need to be fairly certain they were getting an elite talent to invest that heavily in a receiver. Furthermore, I think this could point to the team not looking at a mid-round WR unless he has KR/PR skills. This makes sense because it’s unlikely they would find upgrades over LaFell and Gettis from the 3rd round on.

When it’s all said and done I have faith in the front office and the process. While I’ll openly admit I think we have bigger fish to fry, if we end up taking Blackmon, Wright or Floyd I’ll be immensely excited because it means the organization feel they have a young receiver to accept the mantle from Steve Smith, and getting Cam a long-term target isn’t a bad thing


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