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Geoff Hangartner “I’ve Done The Free Agency Thing, But I Wanted To Stay In Carolina & Play For The Panthers” « CBS Charlotte

Geoff Hangartner “I’ve Done The Free Agency Thing, But I Wanted To Stay In Carolina & Play For The Panthers” « CBS Charlotte.

Mac Attack 3/16: Panthers Offensive Lineman Geoff Hangartner calls in to talk about how he wanted to stay with the Panthers over testing free agency, how he sees the Panthers offense progressing this season, and how he feels Jeff Otah will perform next season.

Listen…Panthers Offensive Guard Geoff Hangartner on the Mac Attack, 3/15

Fresh off his new contract with the Carolina Panthers, Hangartner is excited for what is to come. He said he knew all along he wanted to stay in Charlotte and is excited for his fiancee to move down to join him next season.

“I’ve done the free agency deal before…I was not wanting to leave…at this point in my career, there are more important things than money…I wanted to be in Charlotte and play for the Panthers. I think that as a team, we are headed in the right direction and we have a chance to be really, really good over the next three years.”

Hangartner said there will be great things to come. He said the offensive line has been working especially hard on trying to come together, and has seen significant improvement from the start of last season to now.

”I think our offense, we noticed last year…how much we had improved as an offense [over the season]…I think we a year of OTAs…a lot of guys coming back…I think that we are going to be better and better.”

Young offensive player Bell has been under-performing, but Hangartner believes you can expect big things out of the young player. He said he is highly skilled but also has the desire to be one of the best on the team.

“I think [Byron Bell] has a great future-he is really athletic and a big kid…and one of the most important things…it is really important to him to be good, he has the drive…he is in a situation where he has a lot of veterans on our offensive line and he feels like he doesn’t want to let us down… The passion that [Bell] has for being good and great is something that I think will really carry him forward.”


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