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Tom Talks – Randy Moss to the Carolina Panthers? Why not?


I’d hate to see Terrell Owens in the Carolina Panther locker room. He doesn’t fit. But Randy Moss?

When Moss played for New England, he did not disrupt the program because the Patriots didn’t allow him to. That’s a strong, self-policing locker room, and they don’t accommodate players who don’t believe in the cause.

But when New England traded Moss to Minnesota, the antics began, and Minnesota traded him to Tennessee. Moss retired last August and disappeared into Former Athlete Land.

Former Athlete Land is a nice place to vist but a lot of people don’t want to live there. Moss turned 35 today, and announced in a birthday web chat that he wants to return.

To put his age in perspective, Carolina’s Steve Smith will turn 33 in May.

A player can undo a locker room. A former Panther who never complained about teammates all but threw a party the day receiver Keyshawn Johnson was jettisoned.

I find Moss intriguing. Cam Newton drops back, looks left for Steve Smith, looks over the middle for David Gettis or Brandon LaFell or by gawd Armanti Edwards, and who is that streaking the down the right sideline? It’s Moss. Not only can he still go deep, but he’s turned nice (again).

Moss, who has ties to Charlotte, is an intriguing possibility.

When I suggested two years ago that the Panthers sign Michael Vick (before Philadelphia did), you ripped me.

I’m advocating that Panther decision makers talk to each other, and to team leaders, and at least consider signing Moss.

I would.

via Tom Talks.


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