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Jeremy Shockey Back To The Giants? Forget That Idea – Big Blue View

Jeremy Shockey Back To The Giants? Forget That Idea – Big Blue View.

We are going to spend much of the New York Giants offseason we have now entered talking about tight ends. In fact, we have already started. Which tight ends might be of interest in the 2012 NFL Draft? Which free agent tight ends might be able to help the Giants overcome the injuries that will likely cost Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum at least part of the 2012 season?

Let’s talk about one name right now and get it over with. Let’s talk about former New York Giant tight end Jeremy Shockey.

In case you did not know, Shockey can be a free agent this offseason after spending 2011 with the Carolina Panthers. I have already read speculation from bloggers for both teams about a potential return to New York for Shockey.

Let’s get this straight right now. From where I sit, I see a ZERO percent chance of that happening. There still might be fans who pine for the crazed, Pro Bowl caliber player of his younger years, but I can’t see the organization going anywhere near him. Shockey burned that bridge — no, he took a flamethrower to it — all by himself. Seems to me the only person the Giants would like to deal with less is Tiki Barber. And we know the Giants treat the former running back like somewhat of a leper — to be avoided no matter what.


Shockey is not the player he was when the Giants made him a first-round pick in 2002. He will be 32 next season, has been injured countless times and has slowed considerably. He can still be productive, however. In 2011 he caught 37 passes in 15 games for the Panthers, averaging 12.3 yards per catch and scoring four touchdowns.

When it comes to Shockey and the Giants, though, who cares? At least one former teammate said Shockey’s constant histrionics and pestering of Eli Manning retarded the quarterback’s development. Remember his criticisms of Tom Coughlin? His attitude when the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl in 2008 without him? His apparent shouting match with general manager Jerry Reese?

Shockey was always all about Shockey. He was never “all in” with anything the Giants did. He was only all-in with his hard-partying lifestyle and with putting up big pass-catching numbers. The Panthers seem to like the edge Shockey still plays with and would like to re-sign him.

Let them have him. Shockey closed the door on his Giants’ career long ago. There is no need to re-open it now.

Bonus movie clip. Since I mentioned flamethrowers and all.


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