The Annexation of Puerto Rico #2 play of the year – Carolina Panthers : Carolina Panthers

The Annexation of Puerto Rico #2 play of the year – Carolina Panthers : Carolina Panthers.

In a fan vote for the top ten plays of the year the Carolina Panthers had the Annexation of Puerto Rico Play win  #2. They also had the #5 play when Cam rushed a ball 54 yards for a touchdown on Christmas Eve.

“Cam’s ability to run and throw, it just adds another dimension,” coach Ron Rivera said. “It has been kind of neat to see the different things we’ve been able to do with him over the course of the season and show he’s an integral part of what we are and what we’re going to become.

It was a play previously made famous by the children’s movie “Little Giants”. Rick Moranis’ Giants used the play on the last play of the game against Ed O’Neill’s hated Cowboys, and the nerdy football team came away with the victory.

For the Panthers, Cam Newton hiked the ball, handed it to Richard Brockel through Brockel’s own legs and sprinted to the right. The defense followed Cam, because he had more rushing touchdowns than any quarterback ever last year, and Brockel got into the end zone without being touched.

“When we put that play in, I never thought in a million years that that play was going to work, let alone get a touchdown,” receiver Brandon LaFell said.

It did go for a touchdown, and the Texans sure didn’t see it coming.


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