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Could Jeremy Shockey Be Lured Back to New York? – Cat Scratch Reader

Could Jeremy Shockey Be Lured Back to New York? – Cat Scratch Reader.

So do you think that rather than returning to Carolina, as he has said he would do, do you think Jeremy Shockey mighty instead end up playing for the Giants? There is at least one Giants fan that likes the thought:

I have been thinking about this for about the last two-to-three hours and I’m torn. Shockey was my favorite Giant when he played with the team. I know him and Eli had their problems. But times have changed. Shockey has grown up and significantly matured and well we know Eli is now a top five if not a top three QB in the league. If Eli, Shockey, and Coughlin can sit down and have a productive meeting and the price is right (a one year deal for deal for the 2-3 million range) I say bring him back.

I have to admit if I were Shockey I would consider any offer from the Giants. They certainly need a pass catching TE and will be a good team again next season. Of course I like to think the same of the Panthers and I hope his good vibe with the team is strong enough to keep him here for a decent price.


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