Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton: “My Home Will Always Be In Charlotte” « CBS Charlotte

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton: “My Home Will Always Be In Charlotte” « CBS Charlotte.

Cam spent most of his rookie season out of the media spotlight, but admits he was NOT avoiding the press, just merely focused on the task at hand: winning football games.

“If people really knew my schedule day to day as far as what I try to accomplish…my game play has to be first on my list.  I need to go to sleep knowing what [I am going to do] on Sunday…my days are just so long [and there are only so many hours in the day].”

He spoke highly of Charlotte and the Carolina Panthers, flattered by the reception he gets around town.  He said the feedback he gets, on a whole, is positive and only fuels his drive to improve.

“It means so much [to be a Carolina Panther]…you hear people respond to what their hopes are for the next season…it gives me hope as the quarterback to go out there and work harder.”

Cam also said he didn’t think he would ever get too big for the Panthers, dishing where he wants to spend the rest of his NFL career.

“[I absolutely see myself finishing my career with the Panthers].  Absolutely.  Right before I left [for the Pro Bowl and Indianapolis] I sat down and had a talk with Jerry Richardson, and I had a warmth in my heart that I would be able to call Carolina home for years to come, and that my home will always be in Charlotte.  My motto is to [do everything I can to help make the Panthers an elite team].”

Carolina Panthers fans everywhere will breathe a sigh of relief at Cam’s desire to stay in Charlotte.  He has high hopes for the 2013 season, pushing not only himself but also his teammates to learn from the mistakes of the 2012 season.

 “I’m still working…as I am going so many different places, I always have dvds of game film…I see so much we could have [done]…things we could change if we want to be that elite team…I’m on pace to lose weight and become better for the years to come…[the Carolina Panthers], we are striving for the playoffs [in 2013].”


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