The Panther Paw – Carolina Panthers 2012 NFL Mock Draft

Thanks for checking out my 2012 Carolina Panthers mock draft. I already covered the possible Carolina Panthers first round pick in 2012 here. So to follow up this is the entire mock draft for the Carolina Panthers. This is a Carolina Panther mock draft without any picks awarded for losing free agents.

‘Carolina Panthers first round pick 2012

I think the Panthers will pick Quinton Coples the defensive end out of UNC. I am just not sure a defensive tackle or cornerback will be on the board that is worth this high of a pick.

Carolina Panthers second round pick 2012

Jerel Worthy the defensive tackle from Michigan State should be the Carolina Panthers 2nd round draft pick. Worthy may not fall this far but if he does the Panthers will grab him up. Worthy has been up and down on most lists of defensive tackles in the 2012 NFL draft.

Carolina Panthers third round pick 2012

Traded for Greg Olsen

Carolina Panthers fourth round pick 2012

My Carolina Panthers mock 2012 NFL draft has cornerback Leonard Johnson from Iowa State as the pick. Johnson has lots of college starting experience and is a good return man in addition to being a fine hitting corner.

Carolina Panthers fifth round pick 2012

Josh Oglesby the 6 ft 7 offensive tackle from Wisconsin should be the Panthers pick here if he is on the board. Oglesby is a road grader of a tackle whose injury history will drop him a round or two below his talent level. With Otah in question again the Panthers will need to add at least one offensive lineman in the 2012 NFL draft.

Carolina Panthers 6th round pick 2012

J.R. Sweezy the defensive lineman from N.C. State could earn a spot in the Carolina Panthers rotation. Sweezy could play defensive tackle if he adds a few pounds and can be a sleeper pick here for the Carolina Panthers.

Carolina Panthers 7th round pick 2012

Derek Moye the 6ft 5 wide receiver would be a great pick here. He would have been more productive at California with a better quarterback. If Moye is still around the Panthers will grab him. Remember this offense is similar to the Chargers and they always like tall wide receivers.

If you want to see some good mock drafts check out the following sites. Thefootballexpert.com, Walterfootball.com and Hailredskins.com. Those are complete 2012 NFL mock drafts not just a Carolina Panthers mock like mine.

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